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Wedding Gown Preservation and Restoration

Kimmel Cleaners specializes in gown preservation and restoration. We understand the fragile nature of the fabrics – and respect them. With the utmost care and gentility we’ll turn yellowed dresses back to white, remove stains and fix missing beads.

How Do I Preserve My Wedding Gown?

Having your wedding gown professionally preserved is the best way to protect the beauty of dress, preserve the fabric and makes it possible to pass it to future generations. As a professional gown preservationist, we'll examine your gown, taking special note of the type of fabrics, material and embellished details of the dress. We will carefully clean the dress and appropriately restore it to pristine condition. Then your gown is carefully prepared and placed into a museum quality preservation box. Learn more about our Gown Preservation Process.

How Do I Clean My Wedding Gown?

Easy. Let us take care of it!
Cleaning garments is our profession. We know how to take special care of your wedding dress and remove the stains and yellowed signs of aging. Whether it's been hours after the ceremony or years in the closet, we can remove the blemishes and restore your dress to like-new condition. Learn more about our 6-Step Cleaning Method.
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